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Robin Ivany

robin S. Ivany

Vice President / General Manager
  • Phone: 330-545-6700 Ext: 301
Robin is the Vice President/General Manager of BMS. Robin is responsible for the general operations of the company and the day-to-day activities. She is in charge of all the managers and refers to them as “the best group of supervisors that anyone could ever ask for!” Robin and her parents started BMS over thirty-five years ago. She has an Associate in Science degree in Nursing from the University of the State of New York. Her clinical background and her continuous desire to take care of each patient has been the driving force behind BMS’s growth.
Beth Finesilver

Beth Finesilver

Administrative Assistant
  • Phone: 330-545-6700 Ext: 302
Beth is Robin S. Ivany’s Administrative Assistant. She provides high-level administrative support by conducting research, handling information requests, managing all company telecommunications, preparing correspondence, etc. Beth has been with BMS for 8 years. Prior to BMS, Beth was a buyer for Phar Mor and Snyder/Drug emporium for thirteen years. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fashion Merchandising from Bowling Green University and an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Fashion Merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She really enjoys helping Robin keep organized and learning about the DME industry. .
Jen Grafton

Jennifer grafton

Customer Service, Billing, and Collections Manager
  • Phone: 330-545-6700 Ext: 401
Jennifer is the Customer Service Manager and the Drop Ship Manager. Jenn directly manages the inside customer service representatives. Jenn has worked for BMS for 13 years and she has been in the DME industry for nineteen years. She has held various positions with HealthCare Solutions and Lincare. Jenn works with various BMS departments researching patient’s problems/concerns. Her experience in the DME industry makes her a perfect fit for her customer service management position.
Kelly Franko

Kelly Franko

Sales Manager
  • Phone: 330-545-6700 Ext: 344
Kelly is the Sales Manager for BMS. She is responsible for the Sales Team that presents our products and services to clients in the tri-state area. She has been with in BMS for over sixteen years. Prior to BMS, Kelly worked as a Social Work Case Manager for Hillside Hospital. Kelly has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work from Youngstown State University. Kelly enjoys working with her sales team trying to find the best possible solutions to her client’s needs..
Jeff Mahood

Jeff Mahood

Director of Operations
  • Phone: 330-545-6700 Ext: 300
Jeff is our Director of Operations. He is responsible for the Purchasing/Inventory Department, the Service Department, the Warehouse Department and the Dispatch Department. His team ensures that the product received is the correct product, in proper working condition, and it is delivered with the proper operating instructions. Prior to BMS, Jeff worked at Gold Cross Home Medical Company and Clemente McKay Home Medical Company. Jeff is a Med Group Certified Repair Technician. He has held several different positions with BMS including Cleaner, Driver, Service Technician, Warehouse Manager and Home Modification Manager. His nineteen years in the DME industry make him a tremendous resource for our employee and our patients! It is certainly easy to see why a person with such a plethora of experience would be a tremendous asset as our Operations Manager.
Ron Kaschak


Dispatch Supervisor
  • Phone: 330-545-6700 Ext: 525
Frank is the Dispatch Supervisor for BMS. He is responsible for planning the delivery technician’s daily routes. He has been with BMS for 9 years starting out as a driver and working in the warehouse, Frank enjoys the every-day challenges and working with everyone in his department.
Diane Sharnek

Diane Sharnek

HR Director
  • Phone: 330-545-6700 Ext: 325
Diane is the Director of Human Resources and the newest member of the BMS management staff. Her functions include recruiting, interviewing, hiring and orientation of new employees. She is responsible for the maintenance of all personnel records as well as the development of employee policies and procedures. She also serves as the Safety Manager, adhering to all OSHA mandates. In addition, she implements the companies “Drug Free Workplace Program”. Diane has a Master’s of Science degree in counseling from Youngstown State University as well as a BA degree in Psychology from Kent State University. Prior to BMS, she worked at Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital as a Licensed Professional Counselor for over 25 years in the Psychology department. Diane’s vast clinical experience working with patients from all walks of life is a great asset to the staff of Boardman Medical Supply.
Andrea Pavlak

Andrea Pavlak, RRT,CPFT

Director of Respiratory Therapy
  • Phone: 330-545-6700 Ext: 550
Andrea is the Director of Clinical Respiratory Services for BMS. She manages the department that is responsible for patient education and equipment setup for clients receiving home respiratory equipment. Andrea has been with BMS for twenty-three years. Prior to BMS, she worked as a Cardio Pulmonary Services Manager for St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and as an office manager for a local pulmonary physician. Andrea has a BS in Respiratory Therapy from Youngstown State University. She is also a CPFT (Certified Pulmonary Function Therapist). Andrea adds a personal touch to troubleshooting client equipment problems and determining the best product to fit their situation. Andrea’s thirty-one years as a Respiratory Therapist makes her one of Boardman Medical Supply’s most seasoned clinicians.
Leigh Perkins

Leigh Perkins, R.N.

Director of Clinical Nursing Services
  • Phone: 330-545-6700 Ext: 269
Leigh is our Director of Clinical Nursing Services. She is responsible for the department that assesses the patient/client clinical needs, instruction, and troubleshooting of the equipment and/or services provided. Leigh has worked for BMS for twenty-five years. Prior to BMS, Leigh worked as a Staff and Charge Nurse for Hillside Hospital. Leigh has an Associates Degree from Lake Superior State College in Michigan. Leigh enjoys meeting with the patients and helping them understand more about how our products can help them.
Jada Ackerman

Jada Ackerman

Contract Specialist/Billing Manager
  • Phone: 330-545-6700 Ext: 240
Jada is the Contract Specialist and the Manager for the Billing Department. She is responsible for the personnel in the department to ensure that proper procedures are being followed, as well as negotiating all insurance contracts. Jada has been with BMS for 17 years. Prior to BMS, Jada worked as a Chiropractic Assistant for a local chiropractic office. Jada has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemistry from Youngstown State University. Jada enjoys researching billing issues and loves the people in her department.
Felix Savon

felix savon

Owner / President / CEO
  • Phone: 330-545-6700
Felix Savon is the owner, President, Administrator, and Chief Executive Officer of Sateri Homes Inc., the parent company of BMS. Felix is responsible for managing the overall operations and resources of Sateri Homes Inc. and it’s subsidiaries. Felix owns BMS. He, Robin, and the former Theresa Savon started Ron Joy Nursing Home, which was recently sold. Felix has been in this industry since the early 1970’s. Prior to working in the healthcare industry, Felix was a Produce Manager at a local A&P Grocery store. He loves this area, the people who work for him and mostly, the clients that he has been so privileged to serve. He employs and provides services for our neighbors and friends and he appreciates all of them very much.
Ellen Rarick

Ellen Rarick, RRT, BSRC

Respiratory Supervisor
  • Phone: 330-545-6700 Ext:563
Ellen is the Supervisor of the Respiratory Department at BMS. She supervises the staff that is responsible for patient education and equipment set-up for clients receiving home respiratory equipment. Ellen has been with BMS for 14 years. Prior to BMS, she worked as a medical instructor at a Community College and as a staff RRT at a local Rehabilitation Hospital. Ellen has a BS in Respiratory Care from Youngstown State University.
Dana Grzelewski

Dana grzelewski

Retail Customer Service Manager
  • Phone: 330-545-6700 EXT: 452
Dana Grzelewski is the Manager of the staff at all of our retail locations. She has been with BMS for 7 years. Dana takes care of the training and development for all new and existing showroom staff employees. She works with the staff on new item introductions, merchandising, customer service issues and on-the-job performance. Prior to BMS, Dana worked for several years at Dillard’s as a Beauty Advisor for Lancôme and as an Area Collections Manager for Sterling, Inc., in Akron. Dana studied Business Administration and Human Resources at Baldwin Wallace College. Her favorite part of the job is visiting all the different locations and working with the staff as they interact with the patients. She is all about our “Patients First” philosophy!
Kristen Ivany

Kristen Ivany

Assistant Customer Service Manager
  • Phone: 330-545-6700 Ext: 400
Kristen Ivany is the Assistant Customer Service/Drop Ship Manager. Kristen has “grown up in the business” as her grandfather, Felix Savon, and her mother, Robin S. Ivany, have been in the health care industry for decades. She was spending time at Ron Joy Nursing Home, the Sateri Homes Assisted Living facilities and BMS before she could even walk! Kristen started as an Inventory Assistant and is now the Assistant Manager for 30+ employees! Kristen works very closely with her staff and enjoys developing more efficient policies and procedures to improve our patient’s customer service experience. She brings a young, enthusiastic passion to her job and looks forward to following in her family’s footsteps for many years to come.

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