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Compression therapy means wearing socks or stockings that are specially designed to support your veins and increase circulation in your legs. These stockings are used to treat varicose veins, venous disease, etc.

Venous disease refers to all conditions that are caused by or related to veins that become diseased or abnormal. Venous insufficiency is an advanced disease that is actually crippling to the patient. Wearing compression stockings prevents blood from pooling in leg veins. The stockings are usually put on when a person gets up in the morning and they are taken off at night.

These stockings are “graduated” because they are specifically designed to apply more pressure in the ankle area and gradually decrease the pressure applied to the thigh area. The amount of pressure required depends on the patient and the type and severity of the venous disease being treated. The pressure or amount of compression applied to the leg is measured in mmHg. Compression stockings come in several compression pressures (8-40mmHg). Your physician can recommend which pressure stocking would best treat your condition.

BMS offers a variety of brands, colors and textures to choose from. Please call your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about your leg health. We have everything you need for your compression therapy. Also, please remember we cannot bill your insurance company unless we have a prescription from your healthcare provider, physician's assistant, or certified nurse practitioner. Click here to view our Compression Therapy Guide. This file is saved as a PDF file. Adobe Acrobat is necessary to view this file. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you may download it for free by clicking here.

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