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Freemie Breast Pumps


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The Freemie® is a new breast pump system which effectively allows a woman to pump breast milk without taking her shirt off. Moms working hard to provide breast milk for their babies know that two of the biggest impediments to pumping are finding the time and an acceptable place. At the heart of the Freemie pumping system are cup-shaped devices with specially integrated breast funnels. The old horns and milk bottles are no more.

The Freemie cups fit inside a woman’s regular bra, connect to her breast pump for suction, and collect her milk in the cups – right there inside her bra, underneath her clothes.The Freemie® cups are available with a quiet electric pump (Freemie Freedom) and the world’s only concealable, one-handed, double manual pump (Freemie Equality). These revolutionary collection cups are compatible with most other popular pumps on the market too.

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Freemie Hand Free Breast Pump

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