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Boardman Medical Supply has products to help relieve decubitis ulcers, most commonly known as pressure sores. These pressure sores are injuries to the skin and underlying tissues caused by prolonged sitting or laying.

Over time, the pressure that is put on the area of the body that contacts the supporting surface denies the skin and related structures the oxygen and nutrients needed to maintain health. People at risk for bedsores (pressure ulcers) are people that are bed-bound and chair-bound or those people that cannot be repositioned. Other individual risk factors include decreased mental status, exposure to moisture, incontinence, device related pressure, friction, shear, immobility, inactivity, and nutritional deficits.

Position changes are the key to pressure sore prevention. Repositioning is needed to avoid stress on the skin. This repositioning needs to be done frequently to minimize the risk of pressure on vulnerable areas. Other strategies include skin care, regular skin inspections and good nutrition.

There are 4 “stages” of pressure ulcers, from 1-4, 1 being the minimal stage and 4 involving actual tissue loss. Ulcers can also be referred to as DTI (deep tissue injury) or Unstageable. Your physician will determine what “stage” of ulcer you have.

There are a few other ways to help minimize pressure sores besides continuously repositioning. Skin care: Always check pressure points. Use mild soap and avoid rubbing. If incontinence occurs, cleanse skin at the time of soiling and use a topical barrier. Use under pads. Use moisturizers for dry skin. Nutrition: You may have to increase the amount of calories, protein, vitamins and minerals in your diet. Drink an adequate amount of fluid. Ask for assistance eating, if necessary. Also, if you smoke-QUIT. Limited mobility is a key factor in causing pressure sores so work with a physical therapist on an appropriate exercise program.

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