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 Oxygen Therapy Transfer Services - Required Items:

Below is a list of required documentation a DME supplier must obtain, PRIOR to any oxygen thearapy service equipment set-up.

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(Prior to Delivery):
  • Patients name.
  • Usage & Frequency of the Oxygen Therapy.
  • Detailed description of the item(s) being orderd.
  • Valid diagnoisis.
  • Valid signature of the ordering physician.
  • Date physician signed the order & Order Start Date.
  • Valid NPI of the ordering physician.


in the Patient's Medical Records (Prior to Initial Order):
  • Documentation must show Patient's respiratory diagnosis.
  • Documkentation must show the Need for Oxygen Therapy.
  • Documentation must be signed and dated by the treating physician.


(Must be performed while patient is in Chronic Stable State):
  • Records must be signed and dated by the qualifying healthcare professional.
  • Testing must be part of the patient's medical records.
  • ROOM AIR AT REST: testing at 88% and below will qualify patient for Portable an dStationary Oxygen.
  • ROOM AIR AT REST: testing above 88%, then testing on room air with exertion can be performed and if is 88% and below, the patient will then need to have oxygen applied and show that pulse ox improves with the oxygen, patient will qualify for Portable and Statinary Oxygen.
  • ROOM AIR AT SLEEP: testing with a saturation of 88% or below, greater thatn 5 min, will qualify for Stationary Nocturnal Oxygen.

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